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Deflation Sales!
34 days, 22 hours ago
As the first of our post-cashpocalypse turn sales comes to an end, we're happy to announce that this week has seen not only a nearly $690 top prize, but also a 4.3% increase to individual turn value across the board!

In order to continue the trend, we're happy to announce a series of rolling sales beginning tomorrow afternoon during which prices will increase at a set rate of 1% every two weeks - leading to increases in turn value and prizes as well!

(We will also, of course, continue to offer market-rate deals on bulk purchases.)

The schedule for the next four cycles are planned as follows:

7/23/16-8/6/16 - 89% off street prices
8/6/16-8/20/16 - 88% off street prices
8/20/16-9/3/16 - 87% off street prices
9/3/16-9/17/16 - 86% off street prices

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a staff member, and as always...

Thank you for playing The Mobster Game!
Turn Expiration Policy
49 days, 47 minutes ago
This Saturday, July 9th, we will be implementing these two new turn expiration policies at The Mobster Game.

1) Any player with more than 1000 account turns who has not logged in during the prior 6 months will automatically begin entering into every lottery drawing.

2) Players must be registered in an active round in order to win a lottery drawing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a staff member.
A last chance for cheap turns
101 days, 23 hours ago
This Saturday, 5/21 we will begin deflating turns through adjustments to both prices and prizes, allowing us to return progressive cash prizes to the game.

During this effort, we will also be reducing our upgrades in number, maximum limit, and rate. If you are holding upgrades in your account, they will be exchanged at full face value for account turns this week.

But, before that kicks off, we'll be running a last-of-its-kind turn sale until Friday so anyone needing to is able to stock up before prices go up.

Thanks for playing The Mobster Game!