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Rounds 550 & 551
30 days, 10 hours ago
We'll be shaking the competition up a bit during rounds 550 and 551 with twice the reserves, 12 man cartels, and a 10M turn godfather cap.

Good luck out there!
The 12 Days of Christmas
100 days, 12 hours ago
It's the most special time of year again at The Mobster Game - the 12 Days of Christmas!

This year our 12 day round will feature special Christmas resources, random turn drops, and prizes will be paid to the top 10 cartels and players in each tier.

Also not to be missed - the top player in each tier will receive 52 godfather upgrades - enough to play in Tier 3 for the entire year of 2017!

Tier limits for the 12 Days round will be 500k for Made Men, and unlimited for Godfathers.
Round 538 - Godfather Turn Cap
114 days, 8 hours ago
We're running an experiment this round and have placed a graduated 2.5 million turn cap on godfathers this round - that should open up the big boy game up to around 50 of you without having to buy anything.

This is not permanent - this is a test of the claim that the open caps reduce competition in the top tier.
Turn Package Update
118 days, 10 hours ago
Over the past six months, we've worked to establish a real-world value for turns - first to facilitate a return to cash jackpots, and then to bring the turn prices into line with their relative impact on the game and prizes through the deflation sales.

Today we're happy to announce that, having reached our goal for 200% of starting value, we're taking our next step: stabilizing turn prices, which will now range from $10 for 250k turns up to $1250 for 50M turns, with volume discounts at each tier.

We really couldn't do any of this without you, our players, and thank you for being a part of The Mobster Game!